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About Us

Our Background

Our background is of Greek Cypriot origin. Our father was a farmer so you could kind of say that we were brought up within a Mediterranean environment that rewarded hard work and perseverance. There was no distinguishing between a Saturday and a Wednesday.As there are seven days in a week we were taught that they were seven working days. Time off was earnt and not taken.
Hence our hard working background.

Food has always played an active part of our daily life, identity and (then) sometimes an source of income. 
Farming was not an option for our parents when first arriving into the UK so after trial and error, working many jobs mom and dad eventually settled in Great Yarmouth running a food establishment then known as the Windmill restaurant, situated next to the old bus depot on St Peters Road. 
Fast forwarding 40 years on. Both Married and children between us to fill a mini bus. 
We now find ourselves established on one of the UK busiest Marine parades serving local cuisine lightly tainted with a hint of Mediterranean zest, to both tourists and locals. 
Salmon with a creamy sauce and caviar
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